Publication Fund

Bielefeld University‘s Publication Fund supports the publication of open access monographs and articles in open access journals. The resources for the fund are made available by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG) and Bielefeld University’s Rectorate.

This funding instrument is aimed exclusively at scientists who are employed by Bielefeld University at the time of submission of the manuscript. They must be classified as “submitting author” or “corresponding author”.

  • The articles are to be published in a journal whose articles are entirely open access. As a rule, such journals are listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). A searchable list of the most frequently cited, quality controlled open access journals can be found in this table.
  • The journals use strict quality control procedures („peer review procedures“).
  • Article processing charges can be covered in full only when they do not exceed a maximum amount of 2,000 euros incl. 19% VAT. (Please note that VAT is not, as a rule, included in the stated article processing charge and must therefore be added on to it.)
  • Articles submitted to journals with an impact factor of at least 8 are eligible for partial coverage of the article processing charge (see How to find the impact factor of a journal). In this case, the maximum amount available from the University’s Publication Fund is 3,000 euros.
  • Any charges beyond this must be borne by the authors from their own resources („co-payment“). In order to enable the University Library to process the invoice and to transfer both partial amounts to the publisher, a cost centre account must be specified.
  • The submitting author must ensure that the funded publication includes the following acknowledgment:
    "I/We acknowledge support for the Article Processing Charge by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and the Open Access Publication Fund of Bielefeld University."
  • Bielefeld University has concluded agreements relating to the funding of article processing charges with the publishers BioMed Central, PLOS, Frontiers, MDPI, Cogitatio Press, Copernicus, and Wiley. When the above-mentioned funding criteria are met, the Publication Fund will cover the publication fees without the authors having to submit an application for funding. However, it is essential that the article be submitted from Bielefeld University’s IP range.

  • When submitting your manuscript to the publisher, please give the following billing address: Bielefeld University Library, Lieselotte Bickmann, PO Box 10 02 91, 33502 Bielefeld, Germany.
  • State the University Library’s VAT ID number: DE 811307718.
  • Request the publisher to state its VAT ID number on the invoice.
  • State the name of the submitting or corresponding author in the subject line.
  • If the publisher nevertheless sends the invoice to you, please forward it to

  • Funding is provided for scientific monographic publications of authors who are employed as scientists with Bielefeld University at the time of submission of the manuscript to the publisher.
  • Funding is not provided for the publication of edited volumes, Bachelor theses, or Master theses.
  • Funding of up to 3,000 euros is provided for works published with Bielefeld University’s own university press.
  • Funding of up to 1,000 euros is provided for publications with other publishers or platforms.
  • Funded publications must include the following acknowledgement:
    "I/We acknowledge support for the Article Processing Charge by the Open Access Publication Fund of Bielefeld University."

The publication fee charged by the publisher to the author must first be paid by the author him- or herself, either from a faculty cost centre account or from personal funds. The invoice received from the publisher can be subsequently submitted with the application for funding from the Publication Fund. (Funding towards the costs of monographic publications was formerly known as a „printing allowance“.)


  • Complete the online form.
  • Scan the publisher’s invoice and upload it.
  • If the publication fee was paid from university funds, it is sufficient to state the corresponding cost centre account to enable the funding amount to be transferred.
  • State the name of the submitting or corresponding author in the subject line.
  • If the publication fee was paid out of personal funds, a number of personal details of the author are required to enable the funding amount to be transferred (see online form).


All funded publications are archived by Bielefeld University Library in the institutional repository. In order to render transparent the price development of fee-based open access publishing, Bielefeld University’s Publication Fund participates in the OpenAPC initiative.