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If you have any questions regarding the Publication Fund, please contact:
Dirk Pieper, Head of Media Processing
phone: 0521/106-4049
room: U3-111

Publication Fund

Bielefeld University' s Publication Fund supports the publication of articles in open access journals. With the help of the German Research Foundation (DFG) and its Open Access Publishing funding programme, article processing charges (APCs) levied by open access journals can (on application, where necessary) be paid on behalf of university members. The Publication Fund is administered by the University Library.

DFG Eligibility Criteria

Funding is subject to the following conditions of the DFG funding programme:

The following are ineligible for funding:

Submissions to BioMed Central, PLOS, Frontiers, and MDPI

Bielefeld University has concluded agreements with the publishers BioMed Central, PLOS (Public Library of Science), Frontiers and MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute) regarding the funding of article processing charges. If you fulfil the above-mentioned DFG eligibility criteria, the Publication Fund will pay the publication fees and you do not have to submit an application for funding.
However, it is essential that you submit your article from Bielefeld University's IP range so that the invoice can be processed directly by the University Library.

New as of February 2016: For submissions to BioMed Central, the corresponding author must be affiliated to Bielefeld University!

Submissions to other OA Publishers

In this case, too, invoices are processed by the University Library. To ensure that the invoice can be processed as fast as possible, please observe the following:

Should the publisher send the invoice directly to you nevertheless, please forward it to


In accordance with the DFG funding programme, the funded publications are indexed in the university's institutional repository PUB - The Publication Server at Bielefeld University by the university library.
In order to make the price development for fee-based open access publishing transparent, the university's Publication Fund participates in the Initiative OpenAPC.